GRIFERÍAS GALINDO shares its BIM objects on BIM&CO

The Spanish designer of taps and mixers has entrusted BIM&CO with the publication of its BIM objects.

GRIFERÍAS GALINDO specializes in the design and fabrication of taps and mixers. With four generations of experience under its belt, the GalindoLogomanufacturer is known for offering products that are aesthetic, modern and high quality. With the development of the first connected taps, GRIFERÍAS GALINDO is revolutionizing the world of home automation and demonstrates its enthusiasm for offering products in tune with the times. It’s this particular affinity for digital which has led the company to offer its products in BIM.

David Claudel, Business Developer for GRIFERÍAS GALINDO, explains: “As a pioneer and leader in our sector, we’re always on the lookout for new technologies. This led us to launch our BIM project three years ago with the GRUPO PRESTO IBÉRICA group. We were convinced that in the future, all projects would be carried out using this process, thereby greatly simplifying tasks and reducing costs.

Like PRESTO IBÉRICA, parent company of GRIFERÍAS GALINDO, the manufacturer was attracted by the proximity of BIM&CO’s technical teams. “In deciding to move to BIM, we realized that it would be difficult to gather and organize all the data necessary for creating BIM objects. For PRESTO IBÉRICA, the move to BIM was a success. We were really able to rely upon BIM&CO’s experience and know-how.

By partnering with BIM&CO, the company is also confident in its ability to offer objects that are compatible with international classifications, all while maintaining control over their objects. The publication of GRIFERÍAS GALINDO products conforming with the GuBIMClass Spanish classification as well as with international classifications such as Masterformat, Uniformat and Omniclass allows the company to fully rely on the interoperability of the system developed by BIM&CO and on the platform’s international visibility. “Today, the dissemination of information to our potential subscribers is a priority. Having a state-of-the-art platform like BIM&CO guarantees that we’ll reach our prospects,” adds David Claudel.

BIM&CO has the distinction of offering manufacturers great flexibility in the publication and management of their BIM data as well as allowing them to easily reach their target customer. GRIFERÍAS GALINDO, in fact, has the opportunity to see the usage history for its objects, which is a real advantage for sales prospecting,” concludes Muriel Bourgeay, Country Manager of BIM&CO. 

More than sixty BIM objects from GRIFERÍAS GALINDO are already available !