VT-Lab’s VR solutions are a reality on BIM&CO’s platform

VT-Lab’s VR solutions are a reality on BIM&CO’s platform

By connecting to VT-Lab’s virtual reality services through its API, BIM&CO adds yet another way to display BIM information across multiple platforms.

Viewing BIM objects in VR and AR is now a reality.

A strategic partnership has been announced between BIM&CO, the publisher of BIM object management solutions for the construction industry, and VT-Lab, a pioneer in integrating VR functionality into the BIM sector.

Thanks to this far-reaching agreement, VT-Lab is now a software partner to BIM&CO, giving it access to private APIs that will allow it to bring the possibilities of VR to the world of BIM.

Meanwhile, the integration of VT-Lab’s technologies will allow all objects on BIM&CO’s platform to be viewable in VR. This means that every single manufacturer and company that has published a BIM object on the platform will have their content automatically optimised for VR viewing, which will allow them to better show off and sell their products to their clients digitally.

It will be a considerable asset for businesses in the construction industry to be able to privately manage their own BIM libraries, whilst equally having an openly available digital twin that can be freely accessed to serve a number of practical applications: from assisting firms during the sales process via product testing to using augmented reality to integrate virtual BIM objects into a real construction site. The financial return on VR/AR technology is optimal, too: all that is needed is a headset and a VR-compatible browser.

Of the agreement, Baptiste Mullie, CEO of BIM&CO remarked: “I am particularly happy to be able to work with pioneers in VR such as VT-Lab. The integration of VT-Labs technology into our ecosystem of trusted partners is a real asset, but this is just the first step. We have many opportunities and practical applications for VR technology that we would like explore with our clients, and these are all possible with VT-Lab’s expertise”.

Virtual reality allows for the most realistic view [of an object] before or during a project, and it opens up many new possibilities for BIM. Iván Gómez, CEO of VT-Lab comments: “Virtual reality really enhances the potential of a BIM object’s three dimensions: it helps a user easily understand how a virtual model looks and works. Adding BIM&CO’s object management capabilities to the world of VR brings BIM as a whole to new heights, opening up an infinite number of new possibilities, and not just for BIM professionals.

About VT-Lab

VT-Lab is a Spanish firm based in Madrid that specialises in innovative solutions for trades in AEC. Its technology is based on representing BIM models in virtual & augmented reality and integrating this functionality throughout each phase of a project’s lifecycle, from conception to construction and utilisation. 

VT-Lab takes particular care in crafting solutions that create simple and user-friendly tools for all those involved in BIM projects, from the first architect to the final operator tasked with maintenance.