Building constructivelyHarmony is the new standard

With unique data harmonisation technology, we ensure that manufacturers’ content and data is compatible beyond standards and languages, allowing seamless distribution of information to any software including calculation software, BIM modelling tools and more.


Cracking geometry & data

While product data must be organised and sorted to address multiple needs, geometric shapes must be made available in any 3D environment. We process data and geometry separately and map them together as a connected object. This way, you can manage advanced data while your native files are synchronised and always kept up to date.

In DATA we trust

We believe that delivering the right data is the key to great problem solving. With a focus on consistency and compatibility, we leverage data management to better scale building projects, improving quality, reducing costs and boosting the whole construction process. Forget BIM objects, it’s all about the data!

Open BIM activists

“Since the very beginning, we have strived to deliver open collaborative technologies, allowing all BIM stakeholders to work together more effectively”

says Etienne Mullie – Founder of BIM&Co

As Building Smart Data Dictionary (BSDD) collaborators, we support the development of all open standards to foster software interoperability. We are at the forefront of developing BIM standards, facilitating their adoption by integrating the latest updates into our solutions.

On the fly

Our intuitive tools enable easy data sharing on the fly from a single source online. Synchronise updates with all your partners in a single click without the need for any BIM software. Whether you require information, meta-data or models, save time with 3D conversion, meta-data translation, or information updates.

Building on the community’s experience

The BIM&CO Community connects knowledge and experience from AEC, manufacturers, software publishers and standardisation organisations through a network of BIM enthusiasts who share the same mindset and a collective vision of how things should evolve.

Future-proof buildings

Procurement forecasts for raw materials are rough estimates whose accuracy is very poor, generating significant extra costs and considerable amounts of waste. By delivering precise component data to calculation tools, we help the AEC industry to pinpoint its actual requirements and operate leanly.