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Artesia® offers a range of thirty-four natural colours of slate and quartzite mined in various parts of the world from Italy to South America, from Africa to the Far East and then processed and finished in Italy, with the unmistakable quality of Made in Italy.

Experience in stone processing, systematic investment in technology, acquisition of the most exclusive quarries including two new quarries recently in Argentina, enhancement and preparation of human resources and the professionalism of dealers and designers worked with are the factors that make Artesia a production company oriented to innovation, quality and design.

Artesia® is also chosen by professionals because, thanks to research on slabs and blocks from all over the world, a variety of solutions can be found: from floor panels to mosaics, from Listone to Murales, from shower trays, wash basins and customised counter tops to special pieces such as steps and skirting. It also offers a complete range for treatment and post-installation cleaning. All perfectly modular, packaged ad hoc and easy to install like a standard tile, but handmade according to tradition and with unmistakable quality.

Artesia está presente em 27 países e 5 continentes.




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