Using BIM&CO content

Data from the platform can be used freely.
The only condition required to be able to download the data is to be registered.

Utiliser le contenu de BIM&CO

What can I do as a user?

  • Look for a object
  • View the data and models of objects
  • Download objects with Smart Download (via the plugins) or with the Quick Download function
  • Update the data relative to objects inserted in a project
  • Propose new geometries, new models
  • Add data
  • Replace a model by a higher LOD model

I can also act and collaborate:

  • Make suggestions to the creator of the object to improve the content
  • Add data to the object (models, properties, languages, etc.) depending on your rights and on the plan
  • Take part to discussions

Searching for an object

The search facility on BIM&CO has been designed so the user can find an object, or know the wanted object doesn't exist is as few clicks as possible.
To search for an object, use the search bar or the search by aspects.

  • The search bar:  it allows searching the text in the object description, or the name of the manufacturer, among other things.
  • The "aspects" represent various ways to "see" or characterise an object. For example: the file format, the tags, the grade, the date, the author... are so many ways to file or characterise an object.

We can do a search by text, and fine tune it by selecting an aspect. After a text search, only the relevant aspects are showed to the user.


Tags are key words associated to the object at the time of its creation. They are a powerful objects classification tool.

Datasheet of the object

The Datasheet of the Object contains all available information stored in the database.

3D viewer

The platform has a system for viewing 3D objects. The generation of the 3D view is supported by the platform for some softwares or dedicated plugins.

When a 3D view is available for an object, the viewer icon is activated.