Different types of objects

Les différents types d’objets

Manufacturers' objects vs. Generic objects

A generic object is an object from the real world for which a manufacturer has not yet been decided. When developing a digital model, at the beginning of the design, often the designer doesn't know yet which manufacturer will be chosen, a generic object is used and it will be replaced (or updated) later on by a manufacturer object.
Just like a manufacturer object, a generic object can have properties that will be useful from the early stages of model development

Official manufacturer and Manufacturer

This is a very important difference for the platform.
An official manufacturer publishes its data itself on the platform, either with internal teams, or with the help of a Content Partner. Data is therefore officially that of the manufacturer, who is just as responsible for this data as when it sends a digital or paper catalogue to its clients.

If a user needs an object from a manufacturer that is not represented on the platform, this user can design it and upload it to the platform, and propose it to the community. This is not an official manufacturer object; the manufacturer is not responsible for it. The future user is aware of this and shall check the object himself or herself. The user also has the possibility to inform the manufacturer that the object has been made. The manufacturer can then check it, complete it, and add it to its official objects.