I register on the platform

With BIM&CO, manufacturers have a specific status that allows them to be officially recognised as manufacturers and to access specific functions.

Chez BIM&CO, les fabricants ont un statut particulier qui leur permet d’être reconnus  officiellement comme fabricant et d’accéder à des fonctions spécifique.

Why is it important to be officially recognised?

The platform is open to the publication of contents that do not necessarily coming from the manufacturer. For a user of objects, it is important to know if the content comes from an official manufacturer or from a contributor of the platform who may have made these objects.

At BIM&CO, we want to encourage manufacturers to supply content in line with the real needs of the platform users. The Manufacturer Status is an important status allowing access to specific functions and information. It especially allows you to authorise the co-creation of your objects by including users to whom you have given prior authorisation.

A manufacturer has an administrator access with which it can manage functionalities and access authorisations to its content and to its groups. The product pages of manufacturers are specific and immediately recognisable by the users of the platform.

To obtain the manufacturer status and be registered on the platform, the future administrator of the manufacturer space on the platform only has to fill in a form and click on "I register". The registration procedure is done in several steps to allow the validation of the requester.

  • Pre-registration of the administrator
  • Reception of an email address validation email
  • Finalisation of the registration
  • Validation of the MANUFACTURER Status by BIM&CO within 24 hours
  • Access to the platform

The manufacturer must appoint the administrator carefully, this is an important role. Indeed this person will manage the company page, receive notifications, grant authorisations, etc. Only the administrator can edit the page. The administrator must be authorised to make commitments in the name of his or her company, and undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions of the website.

For the registration to be effective, BIM&CO verifies the information. This procedure allows avoiding double registrations and protecting manufacturers from possible false registrations that could be detrimental to the manufacturer and to the reputation of the platform.

Once your registration has been validated by the BIM&CO team, you shall receive a confirmation email that will give you access to the various functionalities of the platform. Later you will be able to modify your options by editing your profile from the Manufacturer page. The Edit Profile button only appears on the Manufacturer Page if you are logged in as the administrator for this manufacturer.