Content Partner

Créez et publiez vos objets et de données pour le BIM

Content Partner

A Content Partner is a company that creates BIM content for manufacturers and displays this content on a dedicated portal or on the website of the manufacturers.

The Content Partner is an important player on the BIM&CO platform, it is one of the main content suppliers and the garantor of the quality of objects published on BIM&CO..

Benefits for the Content Partner

  • Broaden the visibility of its work with the world wide exposure of the BIM&CO platform
  • Multilingual management of objects uploaded to the platform
  • Ensure the interoperability of objects thanks to BIM&CO standard properties management
  • Get known and promote its know-how
  • ...
  • Content Partner

There are three levels of Content Partner membership: Silver, Gold, and Premium.

Silver Level

This is the initial status used by the platform for object designers who work for manufacturers or for themselves.

Gold level

Gold level is reached once 1,000 objects have been created by the Content Partner and validated by users of the platform.

Content Partner Platinium

Platinum level is granted to partners who have and manage a portal of BIM objects with a local or international broadcast and who publish the content of their portal on BIM&CO.