ULC GROEP (NLD) in few words

About us

Technical Installation:

Bringing buildings to life. New construction, Renovation, Management and Maintenance. With 95 years of experience, we have the knowledge to enable your building to perform optimally so you can achieve optimal results. ULC offers, as multidisciplinary total installer, customized solutions. A building functions by implementing the right applications. Only then, a building comes to life. ULC creates a perfect sustainable (indoor) climate by paying attention to the specific wishes of the final user.


From handmade drawings on the drawing board to Augmented Reality using Building Information Models (BIM) and VR glasses. In the past 95 years, the developments within the technical design process have led to a maximum implementation of BIM in the preparation and management process. At ULC group, more than 90% of all designs are made using Building Information Models.

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