BIM&CO missions

What is the role of BIM&CO?

BIM&CO develops and manages the platform and leads a worldwide community. It listens to the feedback of its members and monitors the evolution of BIM uses to keep offering new functionalities for contents and collaborative work.

Each country has its own community manager who leads the community and takes into account local requirements and habits.

It collects and gathers properties coming from international standards to foster their use by manufacturers and content creators, and thus encourage standardisation and interoperability.​

The role of BIM&CO include :

  • Hire and help Software Partner to manage the data on the platform.
  • Promote the platform throughout the world and to various players in the digital modelling world, as well as architecture and engineering schools.
  • Broadcast the technology in open mode whenever possible to help with the uptake of the platform.
  • Help the various players to better design objects and better integrate them in their projects.
  • Rassembler et diffuser les meilleures pratiques dans la réalisation de contenu BIM.
  • Gather and broadcast best practices for the design of BIM objects by helping Content Partners.
  • Promote BIM&CO throughout the world to all players.
  • Help manufacturers, in relation with the Content Partners, with the design of BIM objects.