BIM&CO Community

Create, collaborate, share, ...

BIM&CO gathers all the players: manufacturers, architects, design offices, BIM managers, contractors, creators of objects, and software editors. ​

These people will be able to create, co-create, help one another, publish, and use BIM objects of all kinds, directly online, in a centralised place that can be accessed free of charge from all over the world in public or private spaces.

Créez, échangez, partagez avec tous les acteurs du BIM


To be integrated into BIM projects, manufacturers must supply all data required for their integration into the digital model

For manufacturers, BIM&CO is a unique tool with which they can show the data of their products catalogues to all the other players, thus allowing the manufacturer to be better and faster informed of the uses of the BIM and of the evolution of BIM software users requirements.

Manufacturers can create and publish themselves, directly online, the data of their products that is required to design with digital models. They can also use the services of a Content Partner or a platform contributor.

BIM&CO is a great sales tool, with the Premium package, manufacturers have access to complete download statistics. These are a valuable mine of information that can be used by their sales and marketing departments.

Users of objects

BIM&CO allows architects, design offices, BIM managers, schools, and all users of the digital model, to use the objects of the platform and to publish their own objects in compliance with the best practices of digital modelling.

What can I do?

  • Use the objects for my BIM projects.
  • Update my objects with new data.
  • Add a model I have simplified.
  • Participate in groups, give my opinion, and suggest improvements to the objects and to the properties.

For example:I am using a specific software for calculations or for management, and I see that the platform does not offer some properties I need to do my work. I can then create these properties directly on the platform, and I can suggest their integration to the list of BIM&CO properties by indicating which referential was used to help with the validation of my request

Companies using BIM&CO

By Companies, we refer here to companies, schools, and associations who are part of the BIM&CO community (other than manufacturers) and who use, publish or collaborate on the platform.

What can I do?

  • Create my company's page on the platform.
  • Add collaborators to my company (they first have to be registered as individual users).
  • Discuss with registered collaborators.
  • Subscribe to a Premium membership package to benefit from additional services for all my collaborators.
  • Create a private space for projects or for the fine tuning of objects or properties.
  • Publish press releases.
  • Offer the services of the company of the Market Places (conditions apply)

Some services are only available with a Premium package or with enough credits ( see membership). Credits are mainly awarded for the creation of content. BIM&CO is first and foremost a collaborative space and the upload of models as well as collaboration are rewarded with credits than can be redeemed against services from the Premium package.

Software editors

With BIM&CO, software editors can have accessed to structured data defined by standards or by the community. The availability of API and WEB services means the data from the platform can be used directly in various software.

Thus, an object inserted in a digital model shall be directly usable by various BIM software or by calculation software for digital models.

BIM&CO makes various BIM software editors, plugins, and/or API available so they can use or insert objects or data that can be directly used by their software.