BIM&CO for Manufacturers

BIM&CO is a free platform for the broadcast and promotion of manufacturers' BIM data, regardless if they are big or small, local companies or international corporations

BIM&CO est une plateforme d’accueil gratuite pour la diffusion et  la promotion des données BIM des fabricants, petits et grands, locaux ou mondiaux

BIM&CO is designed around a database that is centralised and secured in the Cloud, and unique collaborative functionalities and tools for the management of data for BIM software.

On BIM&CO, your data is stored in a database to which you have direct online access to publish or update your data.

The various geometric models and data can be used at different steps by various digital modelling players.

What can I do?

  • Upload to the platform the BIM objects from my catalogue
  • Add properties to the database so that users of my models can use them in BIM software
    • Use properties from the community so that BIM software can integrate my objects
    • Collaborate to offer new properties to the community
  • Classify my models so that users can find them easily
    • Classification, tags
  • Create groups within my organisation or with users of the data from my catalogue to foster collaborative work
  • Find partners to create my models
  • Collaborate on the design of my objects
  • Display the data from my catalogue only in countries where I am commercially active
  • Talk with users to improve my models
  • Launch or take part to discussions to improve my knowledge of the use of data in BIM or offer my expertise to the community
  • Have access to data on the download and use of my models and data. This is a great sales tool and I can better manage my clients and understand their needs (Premium package).

What can users do with my objects?

  • Download the 3D models I have published, add properties to the models using Smart Download, depending on their requirements.
  • Grade and leave comments on the objects, thus giving me feedback so I can improve or change my models or add properties for some applications.
  • If this has been authorised, users can add information, new models (with a different LOD or in a different format), add properties or documents, such as calculation notes.

Given the wide scope of requirements and applications in a world still looking for solutions, it is paramount for the manufacturer to get feedback on the use of its objects and their properties

Regardless if you have internal skills, are a complete beginner in BIM, or if you already have one or several partners in various countries, BIM&CO can help you meet the complex and multiple requirements of your clients. You publish and manage you data yourself, or with your partners, directly online

Your first BIM data in a few minutes!

What is the process to upload my data on BIM&CO :

Opportunity to
register free!

You can access to a wizard with which you create your manufacturer page

Then you directly use this wizard to create and publish online your data

Your objects are immedialely available for the community