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With a vast array of roof cladding profiles available, we can help you add unique character to your building. And because we handle the entire supply chain ourselves, the flexibility of our offering is unparalleled. If you can’t find the exact product you’re looking for, we can work with you to develop and manufacture profiles in almost any shape or colour, giving you total freedom of design. Our roof sheet profiles can be used as a single skin solution or as external roofing on a built-up system.
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Trapeza® 7.96.54T - bim
Trapeza® 7.96.54T
Trapeza® 3.333.79T - bim
Trapeza® 3.333.79T
Halny® 6.183.23T - bim
Halny® 6.183.23T
Mauka® Line 1.450.36T - bim
Mauka® Line 1.450.36T
Authentique 2.500.58T - bim
Authentique 2.500.58T
Frequence® 9.115.25T - bim
Frequence® 9.115.25T
Frequence® 5.180.43T - bim
Frequence® 5.180.43T