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Roof deck profiles & liner trays - bim

Our steel structural roof decking system can be used in combination with a finished surface type seal (bitumen or similar), with a finished surface of metal roofing (ribbed roof profile), or with a living green-roof system. Installed in a double skin system, roof trays deliver solutions which satisfy both the regulatory requirements of a project and the architectural constraints. They are both performant, from weight, thermal and acoustic perpectives.
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Hacierco 3.305.96D - bim
Hacierco 3.305.96D
Hacierco 4.238.57D - bim
Hacierco 4.238.57D
Hacierco 4.268.33D - bim
Hacierco 4.268.33D
Hacierco 4.250.46D - bim
Hacierco 4.250.46D
Hacierco 3.280.111D - bim
Hacierco 3.280.111D