Properties management

BIM&CO est une plateforme d’accueil gratuite pour la diffusion et  la promotion des données BIM des fabricants, petits et grands, locaux ou mondiaux.

BIM&CO Open Properties Management System

The Open Properties Management System support and speed up the standardisation work of data used by BIM software.
BIM&CO offers an innovative and open system for the management of standard properties for a better interoperability of objects.

All properties, regardless if they are defined by the user or proposed by the community are usable by all BIM software on the market, through a set of free and documented API and WEB services.

Multilingual objects: the properties management system also allows offering objects in several languages, whereas most portals only offer objects in the language of their author.

An evolutionary system: you remain in control of the evolution of requirements and at any time, you can add data, documents, or models to meet a new requirement or an evolution of requirements.