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Courtain Wall - 5 objects

Courtain Wall - bim

Creating open spaces, give shape to the creativity, understanding architecture as an idea. We collect this challenge in the public sector as part entrepreneurial, industrial and administrative buildings. classical facades with pillars and beams, façades, structural facades or three-dimensional structures such as pyramids, polygons, sometimes cylindrical or spherical shells.
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WICTEC 50SG Triple Glazed - bim
WICTEC 50SG Triple Glazed
WICTEC 50SG Double Glazed - bim
WICTEC 50SG Double Glazed
WICTEC 50 Double Glazed - bim
WICTEC 50 Double Glazed
Wicstyle 75 Evo - bim
Wicstyle 75 Evo
WICTEC 50 Single Glazed - bim
WICTEC 50 Single Glazed