Creating content on BIM&CO

All users of the platform can create content free of charge.
However, some functionalities may be limited in the free version

(see BIM&CO packages)

BIM&CO est une plateforme d’accueil gratuite pour la diffusion et  la promotion des données BIM des fabricants, petits et grands, locaux ou mondiaux

Creating content on BIM&CO consists in uploading models, data, and information to the platform database, directly online

Publishing data on BIM&CO is not only making Revit, Archicad, etc. files, but it also is giving the possibility to the platform users to have access to the geometric data and other data so the digital model can be used all over the world

BIM&CO has no geometry creation functionalities. The geometric models of your BIM objects created with REVIT, ARCHICAD, or any other BIM software must be already created.

To publish an object on the platform:

  • Upload geometric models with or without descriptive parameters
  • Enter the properties of the object in the fields of the BIM&CO database by choosing among available standard properties, or by creating new properties
  • Upload additional documents and pictures

The user who wants to insert the object can use the Quick Download command to insert the object "as is" with its integrated parameters, or use advanced functions on the platform and insert the object with the Smart Download function in order to choose the properties wanted for the object.