In what ways BIM can be used on Construction Sites?

In what ways BIM can be used on Construction Sites?

BIM can be used in numerous ways for construction sites. From better planning of resources and materials to improving collaboration between various disciplines, BIM is used widely to help keep the project within the scheduled time and budget.

BIM helps construction companies gain financial benefits, increase project efficiency, prevent on-site incidents, and increase safety. BIM provides better insight for construction managers and all other stakeholders who are involved in the project.

Ways in which BIM can be used on construction sites:

- Get deeper insights into various aspects of building design & construction during the pre-construction stage.

- Remove bottlenecks through enhanced communication & collaboration between various disciplines such as Architecture, Structure, MEP, and FP.
- Accurate clash detection reduces rework.
- Easy to understand potential hazards whilst simulating various scenarios and strategies possible.
- For existing & as-built models, construction managers can leverage digital surveying through Reality Capture using 3D laser scanners, drones, etc.

For one of the leading architectural firms in India, Hitech developed a clash-free 3D model for a data center building. Using Revit and Navisworks, the team of BIM experts at Hitech resolved the inter-disciplinary clashes and provided a coordinated 3D model, sheet setup, schedule, and joint details to the client. This helped the client to implement smooth and hustle-free documentation while saving on cost and time due to reduced reworks while ensuring safety on the worksite due to the use of BIM.

BIM can empower construction projects through collaboration, onsite safety, and information management. It has the ability to predict and prevent construction challenges beginning from the design phase itself, which is why construction companies are increasingly adopting BIM for construction projects.

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