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AGILE, also for AEC small practices - bimDDV Arquitectura

AGILE, also for AEC small practices

We apply [Scrum + Kanban] combination in the Trello app to organize our work. 

We suggest you exploring, especially Solo - Scrum approach. There are probably many projects which you can apply these Agile methods. 

In our case, we decided to set up a Trello board based mainly on Kanban, limiting The To-Do number of tasks but also applying Scrum simplified Sprints and Story estimations. 

It may seem odd to apply those methodologies in such those business or project sizes, but we foster it due to the good results and challenge you to try it.

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  • Manufacturers of solar panels and solar PV inverters: BIM is an essential tool to be identified  and specified! - bim

    Manufacturers of solar panels and solar PV inverters: BIM is an essential tool to be identified and specified!

    What is BIM? 
    BIM is a process that makes it possible to design, build, operate and modify buildings. It enables each of the parties involved (architects, design offices, builders, fitters, operators, maintenance officers) to work hand in hand on a common plan. The model is used for thermal or electrical simulations as well as for the construction and operation of the building. Being referenced or associated with the BIM model ensures your brand’s visibility during the whole life cycle of the building.

    Today, solar-panel installations are designed, simulated, sized and optimised using tools such as the Archelios suite, which draws on BIM software and object libraries to provide products that meet the technical prerequisites and constraints of designers .

    In this field, providing reliable, up-to-date data is essential in order to survive in the face of the competition. But how can you manage the updates of hundreds of references for the fifty-or-so existing PV tools, which all use different bills of materials (BOMs)?

    BIM&CO develops open connectors that can be used with the different solar-management and BIM solutions on the market (Archelios, PV-SYST, Revit, etc.) to guarantee the distribution of your data to the experts that recommend your productsMoving to BIM with the support BIM&CO means: 

    Making it easier to obtain recommendations for your products

    If your data is not present at the right time in your customers' decision-making cycle, your products cannot be recommended.

    Create value for your customers by making your data directly usable in their BIM and trade-specific software.
    Quick fact: The panels and inverters proposed in the software packages are 10 times more likely to be recommended than panels that are not.

    Raising the visibility of your range

    Give exposure to your entire range, not just your flagship product. By creating your BIM objects in 3D, your products will also be seen by architects, who can then associate you with their projects or have you develop specific products.

    Managing your catalogue updates
    Each year new products are released, while other disappear. Manage all your product updates in a single place and ensure the reliability of the data provided.

    Quick fact: It is estimated that a designer needs to spend 8 hours per object in order to add, verify and correct the data of a product that comes with little or poor information.

    Promoting your innovations

    Have you developed a new innovative product? You can share its technical characteristics and 3D model even before the product is actually available on the market, in order to anticipate the start of your production and measure the attractiveness of your new solution.

    Being present when maintenance and replacements are carried out
    By linking your maintenance and installation guides to your BIM objects in the product sheet, you make life easier for the technicians in charge of the maintenance. In addition, when an operator is looking for an alternative solution for an end-of-life product, you may be recommended if your product matches the technical constraints of the one being replaced.

    Quick fact: It costs half as much to keep an existing customer than to win over a new one. In terms of operating a building, service quality and product characteristics are more important than brand awareness when it comes to replacing a product.

    Looking to the future with peace of mind
    The world is changing and standards too; this is why BIM&CO has developed an OPMS®, a connected dictionary that means your data is not locked to any particular standard. We link the data to present and future standards on the fly.

  • BIM objects by SMEG are managed by BIM&CO technology - bim

    BIM objects by SMEG are managed by BIM&CO technology

    As a company with a presence around the world, SMEG has asserted itself with a unique profile among other producers of domestic appliances. For more than 70 years, SMEG products have responded to the demands of the modern household with a style that is at once elegant and understated, as a result of collaboration with world-renowned architects.

    SMEG is known internationally as a mark of Italian excellence thanks to a workplace culture that emphasises quality in the technological and design aspects of its products. The company's close ties with the world of architecture has led SMEG to appoint BIM as a new vehicle for instruction for its products.

    It's quite natural, therefore, that the brand has looked to the Italian offices of BIM&CO in order to obtain what it needed for its transition to BIM: technology and support. BIM&CO successfully guided SMEG in its BIM strategy with its technology and modelling partner One Team. Over 850 BIM objects of this prestigious brand and their data appear on, and are managed by, the platform. The key information for each product has been quickly identified and attached to the BIM objects thanks to SMEG's manual indexing system. This allows the platform to produce complete objects with rich technical data, including images and documentation.

    We are very happy to count SMEG amongst our manufacturers. For us this is a guarantee of confidence and recognition of our platform, making us a major player in the world of BIM, both on a local level in Italy, but also on an international scale. This confirms the huge adaptability of the BIM&CO model, which relies on the power of a global platform and increases in each local ecosystem," said Nino Mazza, President of BIM&CO Italia. 

    Click here to view SMEG BIM objects!

  • BIMLife and BIM&CO announce their strategic partnership - bim

    BIMLife and BIM&CO announce their strategic partnership

    To accelerate the development of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in Singapore and ASEAN countries, BIM&CO and BIMLife have teamed up to support product manufacturers in improving the digitization of building products.

    A building is made of thousands and thousands of building products. This is why BIM cannot be truly effective without the involvement of product manufacturers. BIM&CO develops technologies and provides comprehensive services to support manufacturers and construction companies in creating digital models of building products. BIM&CO is now expanding its services throughout Asia. BIMLife delivers qualified BIM content, with which BIM players can create, publish and use BIM objects all over the world.

    Today, the French company BIM&CO announced a strategic partnership with BIMLife to deliver BIM products to the construction industry in the ASEAN market. BIM&CO has selected BIMLife to deliver its services and distribute its products to manufacturers in ASEAN. BIM&CO provides technology for data standardization, interoperability and collaboration on objects. BIMLife provides the local and regional expertise for modeling and data integration.

    Major companies such as Rockwool, Aqua Tech, Liang Chew Hardware, Weavepact, Jonite, Buildo Engineering, Armacell, Greencast, Insul-Deck and J.O.E Green have already joined the BIM&CO platform, during the initial stages of this collaboration.

    In establishing this partnership in Singapore, one the world’s most advanced nations in terms of BIM, BIMLife and BIM&CO are aiming to actively support the development of BIM in the region. This will enable BIM&CO to help manufacturers become BIM-ready or further develop their BIM strategy. BIM provides manufacturers with real added value, by turning them into data providers and bringing them closer to their customers.” says BIM&CO CEO, Etienne Mullie.

    BIM&CO and BIMLife will give manufacturers the tools they need to be autonomous in terms of their BIM strategy, ensuring they maintain complete control of their brand, product data and models.“ says Rachel NG From BIMLife.