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Important Tips to Consider When Implementing 4D BIM for Construction Scheduling - bimHitech CADD Services

Important Tips to Consider When Implementing 4D BIM for Construction Scheduling

The evolution of 4D modeling has offered a sigh of relief to construction stakeholders. The implementation, however, is not the one without challenges. You may just be a handful of right implementation steps away, but it can amount to a huge magnitude of cost.

How to best implement 4D BIM for construction schedule?

A strategic approach to 4D BIM implementation truly allows optimized construction scheduling.

Here is a quick insight into the most crucial tips that will allow you to implement such a strategically successful workflow:

- Schedule a kickoff meeting to rightly assign roles and responsibilities, set coordinated workflows, and completely collect the entire 3D model baseline information.

- Evaluate the 3D models against accuracy parameters and drive a continuous improvement process, taking the models through the improvement loop.

- Enrich the 3D models with accurate construction schedules by creating interconnectivity amongst important project components.

- Leverage lean tools to optimize workspace usage by the equipment so that spatiotemporal conflicts do not occur and on-site safety practices are followed.

- Adopt a dynamic scheduling approach that allows you to ensure the highest success with respect to achieving the desired objectives.

Importance of 4D BIM scheduling

- By adding “time” as the fourth dimension, 4D BIM enhances simulation that reduces inconsistencies for stakeholders.

- It tremendously optimizes construction sequences and streamlines the schedules.

- Stakeholders are assured of completing tasks within deadlines, which significantly shortens the project duration.

- Optimized resources create an opportunity for savings.

- Issues are prevented from escalating down the project lifecycle.

Being a path-breaker in construction design and modeling, 4D BIM has been offering a renewed character to the building construction approach. However, a well-guided approach to 4D BIM’s implementation only allows realizing its true potential and optimizing cost and time through its application.

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    For building developments, architecture, and construction projects, 3D BIM modeling services offer critical data that can be used to improve a company’s bottom line. 3D BIM modeling provides a more complete overview of the development of complex building construction processes. There are several benefits of BIM services for construction projects such as:

    - Improve building design

    - Streamline information

    - Integrate workflows

    - Accurate cost estimation

    - Enhance branding

    - Effective maintenance

    - Sustainable building designs

    - Improve lifecycle management

    Hitech BIM Services is a leading BIM consultant in India, holds expertise in delivering BIM modeling services for mixed-use buildings, shopping malls, theme parks, hospitals, airports, railways, residential townships, industrial plants, and much more.

    Along with construction BIM modeling, we also help to create Revit Libraries for architectural, MEP, and furniture products such as metal stairs, rails, grills, boilers, heaters, pumps, slabs, louvers, sofa, chairs, tables, and various plumbing fittings, electrical wires, trays, and cables. etc. to reduce 3D modeling time.

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    The world of lighting technology is deeply involved in this change. To be ready for this change, SIMES has been working hard for several years on the arrangement of all libraries necessary for the lighting design, in several extensions, including those for SketchUp, Archicad and Revit.

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    SIMES launches a new collection that marks another milestone in terms of innovation and quality around LED lighting. The development of fixtures thought specifically for applications within the current architectural panorama has led Simes to new miniaturized solutions. But also other concepts have been given a reasonable interpretation and presented as a new proposal to illuminate the outdoors: for example easy installation, or flexible solutions to dynamically orient the beam.

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