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GRAITEC becomes exclusive BIM&CO partner for North American commercialisation of OnFly, the solution to manage and harmonise BIM objects and data - bimBIM&CO

GRAITEC becomes exclusive BIM&CO partner for North American commercialisation of OnFly, the solution to manage and harmonise BIM objects and data

BIM continues its strong growth in the world of AEC in Canada and the United States. One of the challenges at the core of BIM is the optimisation of processes, especially those related to BIM objects and data. GRAITEC, international developer of BIM software for the design, simulation, manufacturing and management of data in the AEC industry, Gold Partner in the US and Canada, is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive partnership with BIM&CO. This partnership aims to market and implement OnFly in North America.


OnFly is the solution that manages, centralises and harmonises BIM objects and data, the BIM project components, in order to accelerate the design of BIM models and to facilitate their update.


Aimed at all actors in a construction project, from the customer to the facilities manager, through the architects, engineers, contractors and manufacturers of building products, the BIM&CO OnFly solution fits perfectly into the GRAITEC BIMup service offer. Hugo Michaud, GRAITEC director states: "This OnFly partnership could not have arrived at a better time. When we support companies in their BIM implementation or optimisation of processes, we need solutions such as OnFly to solve issues related to the management of families, updating model data, customer requirements, etc… It is about saving time for our customers. With OnFly, we not only aid collaboration between teams, but also between partners and their suppliers."


Based on its unique data harmonisation technology, BIM&CO has international and state-of-the-art BIM customers such as ENGIE and GA Smart Building. BIM&CO allows its customers to fully benefit from the value of BIM. As a global player, BIM&CO operates in Paris, Bologna, Madrid, Singapore and Montreal, and more widely through its distributors. "We are delighted to have GRAITEC as a partner; this allows us to continue building a community of specialists to closely support our clients with their issues" states Philippe Joron, VP Sales of BIM&CO.




Founded in 1986, GRAITEC has established itself in the construction market as a provider of high-value BIM solutions for design, calculation, simulation and manufacturing, and as the third largest global Autodesk® partner in Europe and North America. Operating through 45 agencies in 11 countries around the world, the GRAITEC mission is to support the digital transformation of its customers by offering software, consulting and training solutions in the BIM domain. With 500 employees, including more than 200 BIM consultants, GRAITEC is focused on innovation, and its products are used by more than 500,000 construction professionals around the world.

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  • The FINSA parquet floor manufacturer has entrusted BIM&CO with the creation and management of its BIM objects  - bim

    The FINSA parquet floor manufacturer has entrusted BIM&CO with the creation and management of its BIM objects

    Specialized in wood solutions, especially in floor coverings such as parquet flooring and laminate flooring, FINSA has been a leader for over 80 years in Spain and Europe.

    "FINSA has managed to evolve without losing its essence. Now we are ready to take on new challenges" - FINSA has indeed applied this motto as it was most definitely the manufacturer who made the choice to move to BIM. The thirst for innovation and the views of its customers have convinced the Spanish company to take the plunge: "We are aware of the difficulties encountered by the various experts during each phase of a construction project. We quickly realized that BIM was a methodology that, thanks to the information available in the digital model, facilitated collaborative management of architectural projects." explains Emma Romero Brey, Prescription Manager at FINSA.

    In order to ensure the relevance of the objects created, BIM&CO offers manufacturers a private space in which a first prototype object is subjected to analysis by business experts. This space has a discussion area allowing everyone to provide their point of view on the accuracy, usefulness and quality of the object. During the FINSA modeling project, the Luis Vidal + Architects agency, the  Implanta architecture agency and the Apogea design department contributed to the development of the first object. Once everyone agreed, additional items were created. "This progressive approach has enabled us to both discern the relevant information and data to be integrated into BIM objects, correlated with the needs of professionals involved in each phase of the project, and to interact directly with users of our future objects. A method that we thought was essential and perfectly adapted to our digital transformation," comments Emma Romero Brey.

    BIM&CO’s strategy is to accompany the manufacturer in their transition to BIM, giving them the keys to their own autonomy. Through tools to structure, manage and share their data, manufacturers can publish BIM Ready objects, adapted to all stages of the BIM process, from design to construction, operation and maintenance. By publishing its products according to the Spanish local classification GuBIMClass, but also to international classifications such as Masterformat, Uniformat or Omniclass - thanks to the interoperability system developed by BIM&CO - FINSA guarantees the visibility and use of its objects.

    "BIM&CO’s unique feature is to offer greater flexibility in the management and publication of its BIM objects, while allowing the manufacturer to easily reach its target clientele by providing them with a real value-added service. With BIM&CO, the manufacturer also has the opportunity to develop their BIM skills by progressively transferring skills in-house: this is what convinced FINSA to work with our teams," explains Muriel Bourgeay, Country Manager Spain at BIM&CO.

    Video downloadable here

    FINSA intends to manage and publish more BIM objects on in the future and independently.

    The BIM objects of the Finsa brand are available using this link.

  • F2A, an equipment manufacturer specialising in HVAC components, has chosen the platform for the management  of its products in BIM - bim

    F2A, an equipment manufacturer specialising in HVAC components, has chosen the platform for the management of its products in BIM

    Specialising for more than 30 years in the design and manufacturing of airflow solutions for balancing air distribution, F2A has decided to call on BIM&CO for the modelling and management of its products in BIM format.

    A first meeting at the Pôle d’Excellence Aéraulique Frigorifique et Thermique (Centre of Excellence for Airflow Refrigeration and Heating) in l'Ain, with the technical teams of F2A, installer clients and design offices, enabled us to define the specific needs of each of the stakeholders involved in the BIM project.

    BIM&CO's experimentation groups, dedicated working environments, then allowed the various experts to collaborate on the modelled objects in order to obtain a final, unanimously agreed version of each type of product.

    Julien Musset, director of marketing, F2A, explains: "We particularly appreciated the proximity of BIM&CO's technical and commercial teams. It was very important for F2A to workshop thoroughly with all the stakeholders working with our products, so that once modelled in BIM format, they fully met the needs of each. BIM&CO's approach of addressing geometry and data separately therefore completely fulfils our requirements."

    The OPMS (Open Properties Management System) technology developed by BIM&CO does indeed process the data separately from the geometry. This approach allows advanced management of data in order to be able to respond to multiple needs, such as regulations and the specific requirements of each stage of the project.

    F2A was also convinced by the different tools dedicated to manufacturers offered by BIM&CO. Thanks to the BIM&CO for Manufacturers offer, F2A benefits from visibility on the public platform, while maintaining full autonomy over its objects. The iframe (inline frame) integrated into the manufacturer's website also allows it to invite customers and users to directly access the modelled products and gain more visibility. F2A has chosen to publish its products in the Onfly private library of its customer ENGIE; the manufacturer makes its modelled products directly available to its customer, who can then manage them and use them from his own library.

    Vincent Berlioz, business manager at BIM&CO explains: "By publishing its BIM objects in ENGIE's Onfly private library, F2A integrates directly into its client's workflow. For ENGIE, this means that all of its design teams have a central platform dedicated to product data from its suppliers. The harmonisation of information and product data, as well as their automatic translation, facilitate collaboration and reduce the workload of both partners."

    F2A product catalogues, modelled in Revit format, are available here.



    In a BIM project, hundreds of BIM objects are needed to model a building. Onfly is a library of objects and standard components linked to BIM Tekla and Revit software, which allows the digital model to be used throughout the life cycle of the work. In the design phase, it saves time and improves collaboration with the architects. In the execution phase, it promotes coordination with the Technical Studies Offices. In the operation phase, it guarantees GA customers the use of BIM throughout the life of the building.

    By coding the objects, precise analyses can be carried out on the BIM model in terms of cost control and analysis of the life cycle.

    "Integrating the Onfly solution allows us to set up the long-term management of a centralised library. This is a new way of managing the large information flows contained in the BIM database and thereby improves productivity and quality while reducing the risk of errors" says Rémi Visière, Director of Research, Development and Innovation at GA Smart Building.

    "By developing a database of standardised BIM objects via OnflyGA establishes a common language with its partners and subcontractors, guaranteeing easier collaboration and better operation of BIM models during projects. We are proud to work with GA Smart Building with whom we share a taste for innovation and the optimisation of business processes" adds Baptiste Mullie, CEO of BIM&CO.

    About GA Smart Building

    A committed real estate and construction player, GA Smart Building has made the choice to build for life (#weBuildforLife) and to develop projects that have a positive impact. The Group's offer is thus global and integrated, with capacity to imagine, design and construct smart and sustainable buildings that will form the city of tomorrow.

    The historical uniqueness of GA lies in the off-site constructive process that has been developed with the factory fabrication of structural and facade components of buildings and their fittings. It is all produced in the Group's five French factories before being transported and then assembled on site. This perfectly controlled industrial process makes it possible to minimise

    as far as possible the nuisance of building sites for residents and to be more ethical from an environmental point of view. It is also the guarantee of perfect execution quality and the fulfilment of commitments, in terms of deadlines and prices. It was complemented last year by the integration of Ossabois, a company specialising in modular wood prefabrication and construction.

    In 2017, the Group carried out a structuring operation of its capital after which GA employees became majority shareholders with 60% of GA Smart Building. This operation aimed to guarantee the future and the success of the Group by allowing it to control its destiny, to ensure our independence and to carry out a long-term plan.

    The GA Smart Building turnover for 2018 is close to € 300 million.