Groups, private spaces on BIM&CO

Créez et publiez vos objets et de données pour le BIM

BIM&CO Groups are an important part of the BIM&CO platform.

All the functionalities of the platform are available in private spaces called Groups. They allow a group of users to come together to create or use content, or identify specific fields and properties for their use.
 All collaborative functions are available as part of a group (co-creation, discussions, etc.)

Content produced by the group is only available and visible to this group. It can then be released by a simple action from the group administrator.

A BIM&CO group or a private space consists of users invited by the manager or administrator of the group who can work on the same objects with editing rights, within the limits of the rights granted to each member.

When navigating in a private space, the banner integrating the search bar is personalised, and the name of the group appears on the left. At any time, you can go back to the public space by clicking on the BIM&CO Home button in the top left corner.

How to create a group?

The creator of the group creates the group from the "My Groups" menu in the user's scroll down menu. After having given a name and a description of the group, the group members are chosen. All future members of the group must be registered on BIM&CO. The creator of the group automatically also becomes the administrator of teh group. He can then appoint other administrators

The functionalities of a group

Some functionalities are only available to the administrator:

  • Add members to the group and define their rights
  • Define the name and the goal of the group
  • Delete the group

Belonging to several groups: You can create and be present in as many groups as you want (depending on your membership).
You can create and publish and object for several groups (see étape « Publication step » of the object editor).

A group can be used within a BIM project to broadcast specific objects.