About BIM&CO

Create and Publish your BIM objects and BIM data.

Créez et publiez vos objets et de données pour le BIM

BIM&CO is a collaborative platform where all digital modelling players can create, publish, contribute and use BIM objects from all over the world, free of charge.

Cloud and Self Publishing

The data from the platform is directly published online by manufacturers, companies specialising in content production (Content Partner) or by users of the platform, the BIM and CO community.

BIM&CO dans le cloud

A BIM-focused platform

Uploading BIM objects and data on the BIM&CO is not only making Revit, Archicad, or SketchUp files available for download on a portal; it is way more than that:

  • BIM&CO offers a full set of functionalities and an environment dedicated to the creation and use of BIM objects for digital modelling (multilingual management, LOD management, open management system of standard properties, IFC compatibility, etc.).
  • BIM&CO is thus structured around a central database in the Cloud. BIM data is immediately available for users and projects worldwide. There is no investment required, no application to install, and no data on the company servers.
  • The aim of BIM&CO is not to create content, it simply offers a space where manufacturers and community members can create content for digital models. The content available on the platform is the fruit of its members’ work
La plateforme BIM&CO

The objects on the platform

BIM&CO manages the components and catalogues of manufacturers, their technical data, but also generic objects for all uses.

BIM&CO is global, local, and georeferenced. Because requirements and uses are often location specific, with BIM&CO you can limit the broadcast of objects to the countries where they are available.

BIM&CO for all the objects in the world...

"BIM-Ready" objects

The platform offers functionalities for objects and properties to be used directly in digital models and to be compatible with the various software packages available on the market. All objects on the platform can be exported in IFC format and are compatible with various BIM uses (COBie, etc.).

Une plateforme collaborative


At any time, the manufacturers or object creators can add or modify data to take into account newly identified requirements or to take on board improvements suggested by users.


Social and collaborative

All users on the platform can collaborate, exchange, and thus contribute to a unique space of BIM objects and foster the spreading of best practices for BIM content.


An amazing tool for software editors

Thanks to free API and WEB services, software editors can ensure the objects and data on the platform can be used directly on their software.

They can also take part in discussions on the use of properties and thus offer their expertise and communicate their needs to the community and to manufacturers in particular.


Working in private spaces

Even if BIM&CO fosters exchanges and collaboration, all the functionalities of the platform are available in private spaces (creation of objects or properties, documents, discussions, etc.) that can be limited to a group of users or to a project. Objects and data created by a private group can only be viewed by the members of the group. At any time these objects can be made public or made available to other private groups.


A market place

BIM&CO is a meeting place for all players in digital modelling so all requirements can be met, especially in terms of modelling.


A Freemium model

BIM&CO Is really free for all players. Advanced functionalities are available with Premium offers, such as extended storage space, download statistics for manufacturers, or the possibility for users to work in private spaces.


Fostering exchanges and sharing

The main strength of the platform is the ability of its community to carry out the huge task of converting all the data relative to BIM objects in digital format. Through exchanging and sharing, BIM&CO speeds up the applicability and usability of BIM.


BIM&CO credits

To foster exchanges and thank the content creators, BIM&CO rewards the community members who create content with credits that can be redeemed against services from the Premium package.

What is a BIM object?

Objet BIM

When the first 3D architecture software arrived, REVIT, Architrad..., the first BIM objects were 3D models with technical data stored in the attributes. All this data was stored without any real reference to any standards and in the language of the author. This approach no longer meets various BIM requirements.

On the BIM&CO platform, a BIM object is the full set of data required to describe a real object (a chair, a table, an air-conditioning system, a wall, etc.). It generally consists in various geometrical representations, in an architecture software format, of properties that will be integrated in the objects, in various languages, as attributes or parameters, depending on the software used, and documents, pictures and links to complete the description, purpose, ou use of the object.