Contractors need from manufacturers not only geometrical information but also structured and reliable data for the design, the construction and the operation stages of a building.

BIM&CO offers an international collaborative platform for contractors and building product manufacturers to structure and distribute their data to all AEC players. Our technology allows BIM objects and product data to be compliant with actual and upcoming standards.

Thanks to our Apps and APIs they are operable directly in dedicated software and BIM processes. Data interoperability is considered as the major point to manage savings and improvements announced by the BIM revolution. BIM&CO is dedicated to provide a full environnement answering these issues.

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Product information need to be organized and managed to answer issues like specific regulations, regionalization, product updates, user specific needs, project stages requirements… Our tools allow you to maintain and update not only the objects that are hosted onsite, but also the objects that are already in the models.


To enjoy parametric object, geometry has to be provided in a large variety of native formats. Geometry is treated separately from data on BIM&CO allowing you to host several native formats together with different LOD for the same object.

Dealing with geometry and data separately allows advanced data management and upgrading all native formats at once. The level of granularity is the reference: BIM&CO Core is a PIM.


Each product in the platform meets common standards for global interoperability purposes.

  • STANDARD: ISO & BIM Compliant
  • INTEROPERABLE: Exchangeable Product data
  • GLOBAL & LOCAL: Available for every Market
The OPMS (Open property Management system) is the BIM&CO technology developed to face the challenges of new regulations and data exchanges for the AEC Industry.

The OPMS is an intelligent and Open data dictionary that can be connected to standards (ISO & EU Standards, BIM Standards, IFC, COBie, …) external data dictionaries (like BSDD Building Smart Data Dictionary), external web applications and external BIM software or Standard Exchange format for Building product library.

OPMS can manage multi-language, updates of product data to comply to future standards, and international classifications (Masterformat, Omniclass, Uniformat etc..).

For every class of products we offer a smart product data template (Mandatory, Regional, standard properties…).

Our OPMS is OPEN and every user on the platform can offer upgrades and improvements.

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Modeling Experts:

Our modelling team works with field experts to gather the best practices and usage of today.


We are providing tools so you can quickly connect your software and use product data everywhere. is an high-end BIM Content Management tool for content/data harmonization designed to leverage the use of your product data and BIM objects inside your company.

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